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Welcome and Thank You for your consideration to sponsor the Franklin County Youth Football & Cheer Program!  We truly appreciate all support for our community youth programs.

It is important to provide and maintain healthy and positive programs for the growth of our youth.  Athletics is one of the most important components to a child's growth to keep them active, healthy, and develop many life skills such as teamwork.  Athletics also assist in building academic integrity.  Keeping these program available for the youth brings a sustainable present and future for our community.


Franklin County Youth Football & Cheer Sponsorship Program allows the program to remain available to the community youth.  It helps keep the program maintain a strong foundation to the success of the children who participates.

If you are interested in becoming one of our great Sponsors, please send your inquiries to or print our Sponsorship Letter and send to


Franklin County Football Association

P.O. Box 142

Greenfield, MA 01301.

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