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FCYF Association is excited to bring a new fundraiser to the team!

Double Good Gourmet Popcorn fundraiser is the new wave for helping teams and organizations thrive.  Participation in the fundraiser can benefit your athlete and you !

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Our new season is approaching, and we are ready to get our teammates ready!

Double Good Fundraising

As you may know, the Association has costs to maintain for team operation.  Equipment inspections and so forth.  Registration fees are important to those operations. 

This is where Double Good Fundraising comes in handy.

All you have to do is word of mouth and media share your athlete's pop up fundraising store.

That's it!


No inventory to be responsible for,

No door to door,

no taking or delivering orders necessary!

Show your family, friends, co workers your athlete's pop up store on your phone and/orshare the link.

This is a four day race.

A fundraiser date will be set and will run for four days.

Once you complete a very short sign up, the time ticks!

In that time you will need to reach your goal set.

Make sure you sign up on time!

The fundraiser will run multiple times so everyone will have a chance to

participate at some point.

Here are the perks!

50% of sales are benefited to the team.

The amount you sell can be used towards your fall registration fees!

Yep. You read it right the first time.

The funds you raise can be applied to your registration fee.

​This fundraiser can cover part or ALL of your fees.

There will also be a prize package for the top selling BULLDOG!

Double Good Gourmet Popcorn

Each of their unique flavors is handcrafted in small batches and full of big flavor.

If you or any of your supporters do not want popcorn for yourselves, they can still

participate by having their purchase donated to First Responders!

If this sounds like an option you would like to opt in, please confirm your email below to

learn more and how to set up.


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